Kathryn Mawhinney & Colin Moir

Date of Wedding: 24th August 2023

Gifts purchased on this site will be delivered to the bride and groom or collected by them. A card is included with each gift and you will be able to add a message to your gift by emailing info@castlehardwareportadown.com



Dimplex 23ltr Microwave   £ 119.00   [wp_cart_button name=”Dimplex 23ltr Microwave” kmcm” price=”119.00″]


Tower Hand Mixer  £ 19.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Tower hand Mixer” kmcm” price=”19.95″]


Stellar 5pce Saucepan Set  £ 169.95  



Stellar 26cm Stockpot  £ 65.95   



Stellar Rochester 12pce Steak Set £ 32.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Stellar Rochester 12pce Steak Set” kmcm” price=”32.95″]


Stellar Gadgets  £ 20.00

2 Surface Protectors & Potato Scoop



Ken Hom 35cm Wok  £ 29.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Ken Hom 35cm Wok” kmcm” price=”29.95″]


Tefal 30cm Frypan  £ 23.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Tefal 30cm Frypan” kmcm” price=”23.95″]


Spill Stopper  £ 19.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Spill Stopper” kmcm” price=”19.95″]


Spill Stopper  £ 19.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Spill Stopper” kmcm” price=”19.95″]


Glassware ( 2 pks 6 Drinking Glasses)  £ 21.30   [wp_cart_button name=”Glassware” kmcm” price=”21.30″]


Box of Cocktail Glasses   £ 14.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Box of Cocktail Glasses” kmcm” price=”14.95″]


Kitchenware   £ 25.38

2 Pyrex Plates, Spaghetti Measure, Tongs, Grater   [wp_cart_button name=”Kitchenware” kmcm” price=”25.38″]


Bakeware   £ 35.85

Chip Tray, Pizza Tray, Baking Sheet



Baking Essentials  £ 32.65

Bowl, Baking Mat, Cake Tester, Micro Torch   [wp_cart_button name=”Baking Essentials” kmcm” price=”32.65″]