Michaela Hughes and Kyle Irwin

Date of Wedding: 24th August 2023


Gifts purchased on this site will be delivered to the bride and groom, or collected by them. A card is included with each gift and you will be able to add a message to your gift by emailing info@castlehardwareportadown.com



Jamie Oliver 5pc Saucepan Set   £164.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Jamie Oliver 5pc Saucepan Set mhki” price=”164.95″]


Denby 12pc Tableware Set   £ 79.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Denby 12pc Tableware Set mhki” price=”79.95″]


Denby Pasta Bowls (Set of 4)    £ 33.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Denby Pasta Bowls (Set of 4) mhki” price=”33.95″]


Denby Knife Block   £ 59.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Denby Knife Block mhki” price=”59.95″]


Judge Steak Knives    £ 13.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Judge Steak Knives mhki” price=”13.95″]


Zyliss Knife Set  £ 11.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Zyliss Knife Set mhki” price=”11.95″]


Glass Chopping Board   £ 13.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Glass Chopping Board mhki” price=”13.95″]


Set of 3 Sieves  £ 12.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Set of 3 Sieves mhki” price=”12.95″]


Set of 3 Pyrex jugs  £ 17.85    [wp_cart_button name=”Set of 3 Pyrex Jugs mhki” price=”17.85″]


Set 1: Bakeware  £ 29.15

Pizza Crisper, Baking Tray, Roaster, Chip Tray, Bun Tin    [wp_cart_button name=”Set 1: Bakeware mhki” price=”29.15″]


Set 2: Baking Essentials   £ 30.70

Rolling Pin, 2 Whisks, Cooling Tray, Thermometer    [wp_cart_button name=”Set 2: Baking Essentials mhki” price=”30.70″]


Set 3: Stellar Gadgets   £ 17.70

Ice Cream Scoop, Cooking Spoon, Surface Protector    [wp_cart_button name=”Set 3: Stellar Gadgets mhki” price=”17.70″]


Set 4: Kitchen Gadgets   £ 37.60

Tin Opener, Peeler, Poultry Scissors, Pizza Wheel, Potato Masher, Turner,

Slotted Turner, Skimmer   [wp_cart_button name=”Set 4: Kitchen Gadgets mhki” price=”37.60″]



Da-da Spin Mop  £ 39.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Da-da Spin Mop mhki” price=”39.95″]


Minky Rotary Clothes Line   £ 79.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Minky Rotary Clothes Line mhki” price=”79.95″]


Hozelock 50m Hose   £ 77.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Hozelock 50m Hose mhki” price=”77.95″]


Log Holder    £ 53.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Log Holder mhki” price=”53.95″]


Gas BBQ   £200.00   [wp_cart_button name=”Gas BBQ mhki” price=”200.00″]



Dimplex Microwave   £119.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Dimplex Microwave mhki” price=”119.95″]


Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron  £179.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron mhki” price=”179.95″]


Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle   £ 37.95    [wp_cart_button name=”Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle mhki” price=”37.95″]


Russell Hobbs Inspire 4 Slice Toaster  £ 48.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Russell Hobbs Inspire 4 Slice Toaster mhki” price=”48.95″]


Tower Buffet Server  £ 41.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Tower Buffet Server mhki” price=”41.95″]


Tower Hand Mixer   £ 19.95   [wp_cart_button name=”Tower Hand Mixer mhki” price=”19.95″]


£25.00 Gift Voucher   £25.00  [wp_cart_button name=”Gift Voucher mhki” price=”25.00″]